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Welcome! And Congratulations  on finding the one stop shop for all Latin ceremonial products. A&C, short for Arias and Contreras was founded in 1991 by Juan Arias and Maribel Contreras. Juan Arias, originally from Sinaloa ,Mexico, and Maribel from a small pueblo 2 hours away from Guadalajuara. They moved up north to start a new life together bringing with them a taste of  beautiful Mexican culture to share with all in the United States.

From a small stand to now a multi-million dollar business A&C remains family owned. Imported authentic Mexican ceremonial products such as, Wedding / Quinceañera bouquets, communion candles,   baptism ropon, and so much more!


Our embroidery sets are complete with; large ceremonial pillows, tiara pillow, a bible, a guest book for your guest to sign their best wishes, brindis ( Champagne set), and a doll for the Quinceañera. The Large pillows take place during the church ceremony, where most major Mexican ceremonies take place.

They kneel on the pillows before a priest who then receive his and the lords blessing on their new life milestone. The tiara pillow is a beautiful ceremony essential. It is used to present the bride or Quicneañera with their crown on which they wear during the celebration portion. Our bibles are bewitching. They are embroidered and decorated with fine fabric and laces, some styles contain small artificial flowers which are also crafted out of fine fabrics . Our Guest books are made similarly to the bibles so that they can be matched. Our Champagne sets are like no other everything is made to order. Everything can be customized. Our bottles (sparkling cider) are decorated in fine fabric and hand crafted by our wonderful decorators. Matched with our Champagne Sand -etched glasses. All served on one of our gorgeous charrolas.

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Our Traditional Last dolls are beloved by all our Quicneañeras, They are always made to order and can be customized with names and dates for a small fee. Our Dolls are so popular because we have worked hard for decades perfecting our craft of dress replicas and embroidery. We have a lot of designs to choose from and many more constantly being thought up. All accessories made to order to the color of your choice. We also replicate Quinceañera dresses. Just send us a picture.

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Our headquarters is in Paramount, California. Where we do all of our embroidery,;Quinceañera, and Wedding pillows. Always made to order customized to color for free and customization (add names and dates) for a small fee. We also customize champagne glasses. Choose from our wide variety of styles & designs.  



Each Quinceañera is unique and you need someone that can keep up with such high demand! Do not be misled by impostors that trail us. Come directly to the source! We keep up with all the trends and even set new ones ourselves. We have been Americas most trusted connection to the beautiful Mexican culture. Our products set standards and are beautiful in their own ways individually. Hand Crafted, with the finest fabrics in lovely Downtown Los Angeles


We have been in the industry a long time and know what the market is looking for. It can be hard doing research all on your own so let us help you! We take all of our inspirations from your customers. We provide service all through out the country and have been evolving with the industry for over 20 years. We stay relevant and our service is like no other. Dont be fooled by impostors that charge will charge for color customization or make you pay hefty fees to embroider name and date customization. Those other guys fall behind us in price,quality,service ect… Contact us today so that you can see exactly what we have to offer.


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