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Check out our New 2017 Niño Dios Catalog!

Niño Dios season is here once again! and we have all your wholesale needs you’ll need this season. Our wholesome selection of dresses are beloved by all believers that love to set up nativity sets as much as we do.

If you have never stocked your shelves with Niño Dios figures and dresses perhaps your should explore this new opportunity. It can be hard to compete during the holiday season with all the different events taking place in a short amount of time.

We carry a variety of different sizes of figures and dresses. Our statue sizes range from 8 centimeters to 60 centimeters. We also have a large selection of dresses to chose from. As well as accessories like cunas and sillas ( cradles and chairs.) 

  • Outfits:
  • San Benito                                           ◘Santo Niño de Atocha










  • Divino Fino                                                                             ◘Juan Diego 









  • Niño de los Cuativos                               ◘Espiruto Santo












  • Accessories:
    • Cunas: 

  • Sabanas and Piañas: 










Our Niño Dios figures and outfits are imported directly from  Mexico. These items are only available while supplies last. If you would like our new 2017 Niño dios catalog directly mailed to you opt in below. 



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